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Hypercosm was founded in 1999 and is one of the most experienced companies in the area of 3D interactive web based media. The Hypercosm technology has been under development since 1991.

Hypercosm's team of experts has been building interactive 3D applications since the early 1990s. Our team includes both software and technology experts along with 3D graphics artists and animators.

Hypercosm is of one of only a handful of companies that is focused on web based 3D content. We are not a general purpose IT company or web services company. This allows us to focus on what we do best: creating compelling, interactive 3D content.

Hypercosm Technology
Hypercosm's capabilities are built on a patented technique to create highly compressed 3D graphic files with integrated behavior and simulation. These Hypercosm Applets are integrated into a standard HTML web page and viewed in a common web browser using the FREE Hypercosm Player software. Compact and highly interactive Hypercosm applets may be viewed on the web, on a portable computer or sent via email. This allows you to visually share and communicate ideas in 3 dimensions over the web.

The Hypercosm Virtual Machine
The Hypercosm system is based on a "virtual machine" to safely execute Hypercosm applets and a high-level, interpreted programming language called "OMAR" that was built specifically for 3D graphics and simulation. The system enables the small file sizes that make 3D simulations electronically transmittable over low bandwidth connections. In addition, the Hypercosm programming language has the flexibility needed to encode an unlimited set of behaviors into the 3D simulations.

    Hypercosm tools enable compact transmission of 3D computer graphics and simulations over low bandwidth communications.
    The Hypercosm system is based upon a complete, high-level programming language, making it possible for objects and user interfaces to have an arbitrary set of behaviors. This means that content may be developed relatively quickly and economically in comparison with other techniques.
    The Hypercosm system uses a very high level scripting language for programming simulation behaviors, freeing the developer from needing to worry about the many details that makes programming difficult in other languages. Rich simulations can be created in a small fraction of the code needed for lower level languages allowing for quicker development and easier maintenance.

    Since Hypercosm applets contain no native code, there is no way for someone to add malicious worms or viruses into Hypercosm content.
    Hypercosm encrypts 3D model data effectively, letting you share 3D simulation content without concern that the model data can be extracted and used for other purposes.
    The OMAR language compiler creates small compiled "applet" files that are interpreted and rendered by a Player installed on client computers. The compiled files are platform independent with player versions for Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. The player renders the image in a browser and supports most new 3D graphics hardware accelerators. The player can also fall back to software rendering when no 3D acceleration hardware is available.
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